HEAD Brand seal

HEAD Brand seal

Quality-oriented  pursuing excellence  customer first  Integrity of others

Quality-oriented pursuing excellence customer first Integrity of others

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Chengdu Huade Sealing Industry Co., Ltd., which is committed to never leaking technology and carefully casting a model of quality, is located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. With the introduction of advanced German production technology, manufacturing processes and highly automated production equipment, the “HEAD” brand oil seal was created.

Beyond the competition, sublimation from innovation, Huade is based on "fine", "skilled in production, skilled in technology, good at management" to take the road of specialization ------ truly to serve the professional audience, Industry creates the future. After several years of hard work, the quality of technology and products has been recognized by foreign experts such as Germany and the United States, and plays an important role in the replacement of imported parts of China's auto industry: it has been installed in Changan Automobile, BYD Auto, Dongfeng Motor, SAIC. Group, Yamaha Motorcycle, Jiangling Motors, Suzuki Motor, Casebauer, Volvo, North Mercedes-Benz, Military Large Loader, Western Petroleum Machinery, Jianmen Pump Group, Dayang Motor, Johnson Electric, Panasonic Washing Machine, etc. And exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, West Asia and other countries by means of OEM, ODM, etc.

Company prospects

The company will continue to adhere to the essence of "fine", innovative technology, the introduction of elites, lean technology, management, and dedication to provide our customers with "no leakage" oil seal products and perfect services.

Quality policy

The company adheres to the principle of “quality first, pursuit of excellence, customer first, honesty and treat others”, insists on relying on the quality of products as the basis for development, and continuously improves the quality level and ability in the effective operation of ISO/TS16949-2002 quality management system. With the customer's requirements as the goal of continuous satisfaction and transcendence, in order to continuously improve quality management, continuous innovation of technology, technology, methods, and constantly improve the quality of engineering and service, so that the society can be assured, customer satisfaction is our long-lasting eternal theme; A responsible organization treats customers and suppliers organizations with integrity, establishes good relationships, strictly abides by contractual requirements, cooperates extensively, and provides high-quality products and services to customers with a high sense of responsibility.


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● In 2000, the company was founded and provided various seals for changan Automobile

● In 2001 rated as excellent supplier of town Kit Drive (Yatong Bus, Niopplan, Case Bauer).

● Awarded excellent supplier by Chang 'an Group in 2002; Passed iso9001:2000 quality system certification.

● In 2003, the products began to export to Japan, Brazil and other countries.

● In 2004, the products were exported to European and American countries; Yamaha rated advanced supplier.

● In 2005 exclusive supporting the SAIC SC69 model (SAIC-GM-Wuling Hongguang) complete set of seals;

Start the implementation of ISO/ TS16949:2002 quality system.

● In 2010, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and other authoritative departments selected as: the first national sealing industry carbon emission audit pilot enterprise. "Emerging certification business of low carbon economy, national accounting business demonstration base".

● 2011 research and development of wind turbine spindle seal, began to China Guodian, Mingyang wind power and other enterprises supporting

● 2012 began to design and develop motor, electric control, battery sealing products for new energy vehicles (BAIC New Energy, Geely Automobile, Dongfeng Automobile).

● In 2013, the products were exported to Western Asia, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe and other countries.

● In 2014, it entered the supporting system of Yutong Automobile, supporting new energy motors and fuel car sealing products.

● Became a qualified supplier of Weichai Group in 2015, supporting Marine engine sealing products; Products cover domestic locomotive engine factory.

● 2016 for CRRC supporting high-speed rail, bullet trains, new energy vehicles and other sealing products.

● In 2017, we negotiated with German enterprises to establish a joint venture factory, and introduced automatic production lines and international advanced raw material processing technology.



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